Terrific time at the SPSSI conference in DC

Just returned from an amazing conference by The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI) in DC. The title, “A Road Less Traveled: Forging Links Between Psychological Science and Social Policy” says it well.  As social psychologists, we can help policymakers apply our research to develop sound policy.

A few highlights out of many:

  • Dr. Zimbardo’s Lewin Address:  How Zimbardo’s Basic Research on Time Perspective, Evil, and Heroism Impacts Public Policy
  • Symposium on Incarceration, Reentry, and Public Policy: What Can Psychological Research Contribute?
  • Reforming Interrogation Procedures: Connecting Science and Policy
  • Acknowledgement of Collective Victimization: Impacts for Policies and Interventions
  • Improving Minority-Minority Relations: How Can Social Psychological Research Inform Policies?

Learn more about Dr. Zimbardo’s 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment and the upcoming movie.

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